Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eee PC 'sold out'?

Don’t want to give the impression that I’m critical of the Eee PC per see -- since I work for a competitor any critique may sound a little hollow –- but some elements of the attention it has been getting recently perplex me.
First was the heated response of readers to this seemingly innocuous blog by Adam Turner for the Age recently (and on which I’ve posted earlier). There was also this earlier one from Stan Beer at ITWire -- seriously, who knew there were Asus fan-boys!
The second was this week’s relatively uncritical coverage of the product's first weekend of sales in Australia, where it was broadly reportedly ‘sold-out’. Neither Asus nor Myer (at the time the sole Australian distributor) was prepared to disclose how many the retailer had to start with, so I'm a little surprised at the number of people who were prepared run the line anyway -- I would have thought its news value hung on that fact.
According to analysts IDC, Australian consumers purchased almost 850,000 notebooks in the twelve months to September -- or something like an average of 16,000 a week. In that context, selling 240 Eee PCs, as it is rumoured to have been, doesn't seem to me to be sufficient basis for declaring a hit.


Jennifer said...

I would add that the Eee PC was not actually sold out in all Myer stores. Lots of Brisbane branches still had them, though some had sold out of white, etc. I do wonder where that info came from.

That said, I still bought one to complement my Dell laptop. It's for airport convenience, I swear!