Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scoble doorstop with Lenovo CEO at Davos

Just when you thought you were getting used to Web 2.0... here's Bill Amelio, CEO of Lenovo (and former President of Dell APJ, so for a time the boss of my boss) doorstopped by blogger Robert Scoble at the Davos forum using live streaming video from a mobile phone!
I know Robert Scoble's been doing these videos for a month or two but this is the first time I've really grasped the impact.
Granted the circumstances are unusual -- he filmed Bono earlier and Scoble's not exactly your average run-of-the-mill blogger (he's at the World Economic Forum for a start) -- but wow!
Even a senior journalist at the Wall Street Journal would be unlikely to get an interview with the head of a large multinational like Bill on the spur of the moment (clearly Bill had some warning).
Not saying chance meetings didn't take place before this -- almost everyone has brush with fame story -- but if blogging turned people into amateur journalists, this puts a TV station in their hands!
Interesting times...
Update: Here's a comment along the same lines from TheFlack.