Sunday, June 22, 2008

Google Trends for law firm Web-sites

Wow, doing a little rough and ready competitive intelligence just got a whole lot easier. I've been playing round with new Google Trends for Web-sites and, just for kicks, plugged in the home pages of Australia's five largest law firms.
Although numbers are too low for the tool to graph (as you might expect for law firms) it does provide some interesting comparisons of visitors from each State and idea of which other sites people went too -- and I'm pleased to see Deacons (not yet in the five revenue-wise) is on the shopping list.
Clearly, the Web doesn't yet play as central a role in the marketing of law firms as it does for consumer brands, for example, but it's pretty clear that will (must?) change.
Actually, I suspect this new feature in Google Trends tool is going to cause unease in some circles. After all, how many businesses would willingly share their Web traffic data before now? Now, anyone can see whether the SMH, Age or attracts more visitors (click here to find out). Ah, the transparency of the Web!
I've admired Google Trends for some time. While at Dell I used it as an informal indicator of ROI from PR activities, including the launch of our XPS brand. As this
chart shows, searches for XPS in Australia started from nowhere around mid-June 2006 (when we first formally launched the XPS brand) and jumped around the time of the launch of the multi-coloured models in mid-2007. During that time there was practically no advertising spend on the XPS brand locally, so a significant amount of that result can be attributed to PR.
Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Update: Here's a cautionary post suggesting the data may not be as accurate as the existing commercial services. I guess we'll see.

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